Drive Dog Harness - black


As a dog owner, there are few things more exciting than putting your puppy in the backseat and taking a road trip. In fact, even a quick trip to the grocery store or the mall with your dog as a passenger can be a blast.

But unless you properly restrain your dog when you are on the road, you could be putting him or her in serious danger. In reality, dogs should be strapped in at all times when they are riding in cars with their owners.

Of course, a regular seatbelt is designed for human passengers, and won’t offer the protection and comfort that your pet needs. Because of this, we have created a new line of EzyDog dog car restraints to keep your puppy safe when you are behind the wheel. Our dog restraints are crafted with your pet’s needs in mind, and will keep him or her happy and healthy as you cruise down the road.